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Max Payne heading to mobile phones

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Good news for fans of Max Payne. You will be able to play the game on your phone soon. The Rockstar Games website posted a Q&A session with the Grand Theft Auto creator. He revealed details about the release of Max Payne on smart phones.

We all enjoy a bit of Angry Birds or Partypoker on our phone, but now we can play console games too. After the successful release of Grand Theft Auto III on the App Store last year, the original Max Payne is also set to be released.

Rockstar Games said: „Following the release of Grand Theft Auto III for iOS (and Android devices) late last year, the original Max Payne will be our next release for mobile devices. We will have an official announcement soon confirming the release date, but you can expect it to finally be released sometime in the next couple months.”

The title for anyone who doesn’t know, is a Role Playing game that allows you to walk in the footsteps of Max Payne, an ex-DEA and NYPD officer who is mourning the loss of his murdered wife and child. Oh, and he has also been framed for murdering his partner Alex. A very happy man. We get to be him as he pieces together the loss of his family, and plans revenge for their deaths.

There have been rumours circulating the internet that Max Payne was due to be released on mobile devices, since September, but now we have official confirmation. So, anyone who missed out the first time will get to play it as they travel to and from work each day. The wonders of the smart phone.

Grand Theft Auto III’s release on Android and iOS was high in quality, so we are expecting Max Payne to be just as good, if not even better.

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